Palais 22 – Space for individual beauty.

Welcome to my practice at Palais 22 in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen.

You are entering rooms that embody my idea of aesthetics. The design follows a minimalistic principle. Always focusing on a harmonious overall structure, I have deliberately avoided polarising, space-consuming eye-catchers in my practice rooms. This allows me to focus attention on what moves me: the dialogue with my patients and my work, allowing space for individual beauty and giving form to your wishes.

Aesthetics and harmony

Beauty in harmony with nature

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We all long for beauty. Detached from a particular shape or form, beauty is the sensation of one’s own distinctive personality and vitality. And so it always has to do with the way we look at ourselves. How do I see myself? How do I want to be seen? To feel recognised in one’s uniqueness and accepted in one’s being – that is what true beauty means to me.

With my work I would like to give expression to your beauty. Guided by the principles of sensual perception, I see myself as responsible for finding the perfect aesthetic balance for my patients. Because I see the complete human being, it is not perfection that moves me, but their individuality. +49 69 - 29 55 90 Kennedyallee 70A 60596 Frankfurt am Main